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The knight Hans Wildenberg Ebran of biography and history of the Prince of Bavaria

In the first volume of sources and discussions on Bavarian and German history (new episode) were from Dr. George Leidinger the complete works of Andrew of Regensburg published; in the present first part of the 2. Band follows the knight Hans von Wildenberg Ebran “Chronicle of the Princes of Bavaria”, which in large part to the Andreas “Chronicle of the Princes of Bavaria” back. The second part of this volume is that of Dr. Reinhold Spiller procured issuance of Fürtrers “History, Gesta and GetAt” der[...]

Wiguleus Bavarian tribes dog book

Two-volume work of Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos titled Bavarian tribes-book, appeared in 1598 the list of gymnasts and Bavarian nobility. For lovers of the old nobility and the Bavarian history and gender. Download: Band 1, Band 2 Provided by the ULB Düsseldorf. Bavarian Stem-book: 2. From The Duke, Horror, Gentlemen …, then the Thurnier Besuchet . / By … Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos Ingolstadt : Sartorius 1598 Hundt's book Wiguleus Bavarian tribes Third Part. With the additions of the archivist Libius[...]

Thorough briefing of the noble and knightly swordsmanship


Armorial collections of the Bavarian State Library

The Munich Digitisation Centre provided by the armorial heraldic collections are true treasure troves of art and the art of printing, gladden the heart of so many researchers are. Choreography in Flemish portraits of the sovereigns, the arms of the nobility and the country in his geography, Netherlands 1562 Content: Arnulf I., Count of Flanders, Balduin VII., Count of Föandern, Karl I. the Good, Philipp II. the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good, Maria von Burgund, Kaiser Maximilian I., Philipp I. King of Castile, Emperor Charles V, Isabella von Portugal, Philipp  [...]