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Würzburg dead list


The nearly 5.000 Death note opening up the research data on the life and death of many citizens of Würzburg. They embody the time of 1672 to 1914 a unique source of personal history. Often adorned with sepulchral Graphics, they are an impressive testimony of the dead in commemoration of past time. Recorded by Peter Kolb. Can be searched by name or death dates. Website: Wuerzburg University Library

50.000 Obituaries from the imperial and royal monarchy on the Internet soon

Press release: Historian, Genealogists and historians interested in, had to find original documents such as the above-cited Hoftraueranzeige, date directly into the Austrian State Archives in Vienna are. But now the institution is one of the largest digitization campaign launches in the history of obituaries or death notices. Together with the Vienna Internet 11media be forged at the 50.000 Obituaries from the monarchy, the previously dormant on the shelves, photographed and posted on the Internet. The project of superlatives in autumn 2010 the grief-platform go online. In addition to estimating how the Hoftraueranzeige[...]

Obituaries from the Cologne and Dusseldorf area

These obituaries are a service of Express and can be searched sequentially. This online service lists obituaries, Obituaries, Acknowledgements and memory displays the last 90 Days.

Totenrotelsammlung the Benedictine Ensdorf

I quote Wolfgang Valentine Ikas, der über diese Online-Sammlung folgendes schreibt: “In der Ensdorfer Sammlung, die sich über den Zeitraum von 1716 to 1789 erstreckt, finden sich daher insbesondere die Roteln aus Klöstern der Bayerischen Benediktinerkongregation, wozu unter anderem Andechs, Benediktbeuern, St. Emmeram und Tegernsee gehörten. Inhaltlich sind diese gedruckten Roteln mehr als bloße Todesnachrichten, indem sie oftmals auch Angaben über die Herkunft (Birthplace, Taufname, Beruf und ggf. Name des Vaters), das Studium, über Wirkungsfelder im Kloster sowie zeitliche Angaben (e.g.. über die Zeitspanne seit der  [...]

Links to Genealogy

These recommended links are already combined collections of important addresses for Genealogy, a single list to replace. I would like to fill this page and on pages of recommended list of fellow researchers and Genealogical Publishing.