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Contributions to the family genealogy Altfrankfurter


This is the genealogical research of Herbert de Bary (uradelige family from Barry at Tournai in Belgium) with his 64 Suspect, , then, the 16 Ancestors of his grandparents, Jean Renaud de Bary and Osterried de Neufville

Goethe's ancestors

Research into the origins of a person of high interest and the descent of a person was of the utmost importance for our world, that is to the right of the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Born 28.8.1749 in Frankfurt am Main, died on 22.3. 1832 in the Weimar years and ennobled 1782. With his background and life story dealt Dr. Carl Knetsch, of this book 1908 published in Leipzig with the publisher Klinkhardt & Biermann. The sources used include the Frankfurt and Wetzlar church records and[...]