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Roster of the Protestant community Dusseldorf


It lacked an alphabetical directory of the Protestant community in Dusseldorf and its voting members. In 1836, as the new church order was launched, there were no such. This list was 1838 made and the church masters for inspection.

Database Statistics February 2010

Current overview of the Genealogical Database: Average life span: 53 Years, 251 Days

The population of the German Empire after the census 1910

Census look back on a long tradition. For tax estimates and the census was a so-called “Censor” responsible, that was the responsible officer in the Roman Empire. In our country, was a first attempt at a census 1449 started in Nuremberg. In later censuses, the number of fires detected, it was estimated that the average number of persons per fire (Household) The pastors led so-called soul books, family later books. These were also the number and age of children detained. Mit der Zählung der Landbewohner Preußens begann  [...]


People 72830 Families 28702 Nutzer 279