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contributions to the history of the house Neufville since the immigration of the family to Germany

[gn_heading style=”1″] contributions to the history of the house Neufville [/gn_heading] The “de Neufville” came as Reformed Protestant refugees to Frankfurt . The family originated from the county of Artois . In 1575 were Robert and Sebastian citizens of the city . Two years later, married Sebastian (1545-1609) mit der Anna Cochx (Cook) and quickly came through his cloth trade to large fortune . He […]

August Wilhelm Hupel: Nordische Miscellaneen und Neue Nordische Miscellaneen 1781 to 1798

In the retrospective digitization of Bielefeld University Library, I have already pointed out in a separate article. Such development work includes the complete issues “Nordischen Miscellaneen“ and “New Nordic Miscellaneen“. On the side of the Bielefeld University Library, all items can be easily read on a table of contents and controlled directly, während die Universität Tartu alle diese Ausgaben als […]


History of the Silesian family of the Counts uradligen Posadowsky-Wehner

The sex is part of the Silesian nobility Posadowsky and has its home in the right upper shore between Oels , Bernstadt and Brieg. It is descended from the ancient race of Habdancks, whose coat of arms, they also lead – a reliable feature of Community origin. It differs from, for example, in the colors. The arms of the Counts Posadowsky-Wehner, Freiherrn von […]


Contributions to the history of the family of Seydewitz 1299 to 1875

The family of Seydewitz is referred to in ancient and modern genealogical magazines as one of the oldest noble families in the Meissen Country, Nowhere, however, find detailed messages about the family, or certified information on the age and origin. More recently, members of the family have therefore sought, explore in all accessible documents the family; […]


Genealogical tables and master lists of those, bear the name Steinbrueck

Content: Pomeranian, west- and East Prussian branch, e.g.. from Stolzenhagen, Szczecin, Hirschfeld, On the way, Świnoujście, Der sächsische Zweig mit der Geschichte der Familie Steinbrück in Goslar und Halberstadt Die Steinbrück im Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, Gotha, Weimar, Eisenach Die Familien des Namens Steinbrück in Westfalen und Schlesien und der norddeutsche Stamm


Genealogy Flemmingiana: or execution of the genealogical Flemminge in Pomerania

Surveys in the title of count: Flemming a. d. H. Böck: Reichsgrafenstand on 16. November 1700 in Vienna for the brothers, George Casper von Flemming, Privy Council Elector of Brandenburg and Pomerania Hofgerichtspräsident to Stargard, and Heino Heinrich von Flemming, Elector of Brandenburg's governor and General Field Marshal. The Prussian royal recognition was followed on 30. October 1701, die kurfürstlich sächsische […]


Silesii in Nummis famous or Silesians in coins and plates

Extract the information contained in this plant family trees and coins: by Braun, Castle Count of Dohna, by Hatzfeld, by Hochberg, of Nostitz, of Promnitz, von Stosch, von Posadowsky, by Roth, of Pfinzig, Haunold, Reusner, Walther, Herwig, Lindner, of Pucher, of Redern, of beef, of Sebottendorf, Heidenreich, Vierling, Moller, Fig, Ortlob, Crato, Kundmann and more… Those: Kundmann, […]