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The noble family of Prittwitz


The legend begins not taking into account the truly authentic story of the noble family of Prittwitz with the beginning of 14. Century. The oldest document is dated 1308. Was after Sinapius 1316 a Heigerus de Pretticz miles in Herzo Boleslaw III. Liegnitz and this should be Heigerus later found to have the court of Duke Conrad of Oels. A Heigerus de Prittwicz was 1326 his granddaughter, Elizabeth appointed guardian. The father of the granddaughter, Ingram Trachenberg is a prematurely deceased daughter of Heigerus[...]

Antiquitates Gandersheimenses: Or Historical Description Of Uhralten kayser Lichen freemen worldly empire-Stifft Gandersheim

It was the Duke of Saxony Liudolf (+849) (Eponym of Liudolfings) in the 852 founded the monastery Gandersheim. The city experienced a golden age under the Liudolfingern in 10. Century. Roswitha of Gandersheim lived about that time….

Early years of the Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia

Sophie Dorothea of ​​Württemberg was the fourth of twelve children and the eldest daughter of Duke Frederick Eugene of Wurttemberg marriage with Sophia Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Schwedt, She was born on 25. October 1759 to Szczecin. She was the sister of King Frederick I of Württemberg's first. and the great niece of Frederick the Great. At his request, and Catherine the Great, it came to engagement with the widowed Tsarevich Paul. The ceremony took place in Berlin on 23. July 1776. Ludwig von[...]

Kursell a German-Baltic nobility

The family can be documented only in Kursell XV. Century demonstrate. The first of which we know Kursell, George's (Jürgen) Kursell in Kurland. 1442 George was invested with five and a half hook country and remained there for nearly a century in the family. In 1528 they gave the fief to. With the consent of Wolters Plettenberg sold the son of the first Lehnsträgers his father's estate and went to Livonia. Only one member of the family seems to have remained in Courland, for the year[...]

Pedigrees, Messages and documents of the dynasty of Keyserlingk

The present here, beginning of the Kurzeme Ritterschaftsgenealogen vidimierte family tree with the beginning of 15. Century, and by copious source material from the secret state archives, been completed the secret war office and the records of the Blankenau'schen Miss pin and the family Bible. The family name is very different in documents: Keselinck, Kezelinc, Keselingh, Keselingk, Kiselinck been written and Keserlinck. That it is just this generation, comes from records of the years 1226 to 1236 out, which is mentioned in the John Ritter. So you can find also the[...]