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The history of the Lords of Munchausen


A thorough history of sex-Hochadlichen House of Lords of Munchausen : Wherein the descent of all ancestors of the XII. Century, with many different archives and registries of deeds drawn

Pictures from the past of Dynastengeschlechtes Castell


The ancestral sex: Friderich de Castel lived in 1058 near Bamberg. Rupreth de Castello testified on 10. August 1091 an exchange of goods between the Bishop of Wurzburg, and two brothers and Richizo Winither.

Historia Welforum: History and genealogy of the Guelph


Thus begat a son Welf, The name was given Eticho and a daughter named Judith. This led Emperor Louis Judith d. Pious, (Son of Charles d. Great) after the death of his wife Irmingard with whom he had three sons (Lothar, Pepin and Louis) home as a wife. She gave birth to Charles d. Kahler, who won at the kingdom of France, and division 45 Years reigned, while his brothers Louis and Lothar in Italy and Germany came to dominate. Pepin the 3. Son was already dead. Eticho[...]

Bavarian Loew: Historic and Heraldic Register of Bavarian gymnasts and heroes


Bavarian Loew: Historic and Heraldic Register of Bavarian gymnasts and heroes..

Pedigree of the aristocratic house Asseburg


The castle Asseburg, has given this house its nickname, was not far away from Wolfenbüttel and of the ocher (Aces also called on the wood) and will shortly be before the Duke Otto of Saxony (912) died, be built.