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Historical information about the Koszalin, Wipe and sexual repression Kolbergische Schweder


There are not many families for whom it is possible, expel such a long period of a genealogy.

Genealogical and Biographical messages on both strains of sex Wangenheim and Winterstein


Wangenheim, as the name of the place of sex and we first meet in the monk of Fulda's Eberhard in the mid- 12. Century compiled the list of goods of the pen Fulda.

Contributions to the history of the family of Loebell


After Zedlitz the family from Alsace and Austria came to Swabia. Georg von Loebell, Orders to Captain Wartenburg was in 1454 The Duke of Sagan Rudolph the Teutonic Order sent to help.

Genealogical tables and master lists of those, bear the name Steinbrueck


Content: Pomeranian, west- and East Prussian branch, e.g.. from Stolzenhagen, Szczecin, Hirschfeld, On the way, Świnoujście, Der sächsische Zweig mit der Geschichte der Familie Steinbrück in Goslar und Halberstadt Die Steinbrück im Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, Gotha, Weimar, Eisenach Die Familien des Namens Steinbrück in Westfalen und Schlesien und der norddeutsche Stamm

History and genealogy of the family Scheibler


Those: Johann Heinrich Karl Scheibler: History and genealogy of the family Scheibler, Cologne: Du Mont-Schauberg, 1895