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I Gunzelin. by Hagen Graf von Schwerin, the first and the story of its origin


Historical study of the origin and Gunzelins the tribal community with the nobles of Hagen in office Salder, reminders of the men and Meinersen. The History of Hagen at Elme and at the upper Aller, the nobles of Warberg direct descendants, History of Burghagen and research findings on the coat of arms Community Counts of Schwerin, and the nobles of Warberg.

Genealogy of the imperial barons of and Schorrenburg


What: State Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate: Master table of the now imperial masters of Frey and Schorrenburg and vormahligen Armigerorum Edelen and servants of Schorren Hasell and Hornbach called. From the year of Christ 1270. up in this years 1739te

The Drachenfels presented with a historical pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels


Those: Shell, George: The Drachenfels and its immediate environs illustrated history : with some romantic legends of the pagan past and from the flower of chivalry; according to the best sources, with a pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels, the year 1455 to 1817, Bonn: Come to hawk. 1835 Other literature: History of Castles, Manors, Abbeys and monasteries in the Rhineland and the provinces of Jülich, Cleve, Berg and Westphalia / 1 Mering, Frederick Everhard of ; Weyden, Seriously, Cologne : Arend, 1833 Drachenfels, Schloß und Burggrafschaft mit  [...]

The alchemists of Austrian nobility documents


In Germany, the alchemy was the beginning of the XIII. Century their catchment. The development was more important than, say, the pharmacy sector (The first pharmacy was established in Prague by emigrants from years 1408 errrichtet in Leipzig) In Austria the first alchemical doings coincided with the reign of Sigismund and the transfer of the imperial crown to his son Albert II.

The history of the family Zernecke


The emblem has a custom of following, probably the councilor John Thorner Zerneke (1620-1703) before 1688 assumed. The picture and the colors of the arms are made of: In blue shield with a red heart tingiertem, the three-, five or six-petalled Rose is decked in green stems. On the helmet are again the three roses in the same colors, between which a white dove with outstretched wings is ready. Schnabel, Eyes and feet are red, The Yellow Rose of Samenbutzen, the inside white helmet covers, outside blue. Names[...]