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Messages on the history of sex those of Rochow and their possessions


Their first documented appearance is linked to reliable and authentic goods which they have not. It is in particular the good Rochow in the Altmark. Here were the sons of the then already deceased knight Wichard 15 Hooves. To 5. Generation were three brothers with the name of Henry II, Wichard II. and Meinhard II. by Rochow. Henry Vogt had to Stendal and later Tangermünde, most recently in grove. As such, he was often traveling in the affairs of the Brandenburg margrave, drew with Margrave Waldemar against Landgraf[...]

The history of the town and the high school Jülich


The history of Jülich, in particular, the former high school is 1890 been started. Whereas in 1. Part of the history of the city and its city charter is treated excerpts, bring the 2. and 3. Part of the continuous history of the city and also for the history of the school. The coherent presentation begins around the middle of 16. Century, where the glorious Duke Wilhelm V. build the fortress and the castle was and from where at the same time after the great fire 26. More 1547 the city of the ducal[...]

Mistress Sophie Marie Countess von Voss


Sophie Marie Countess von Voss, Born of Pannewitz and Mistress of Her Majesty the Queen Louise of Prussia, after their death and Oberaufseherin Grande governess of the royal princes and princesses, awarded the Order of Black Eagle, the Order and the Russian-Louise St. Catherine's Order. She was born on 11. March 1729 in Schönfließ.

History of the Dukes of Zähringen

In October 1883 Baden Historical Commission decided to publish a story about the Duke of Zähringen. There was,, that the history of the branch line should be excluded to Teck. Main objective of this work is the origin of the Zähringer and their participation in the affairs of the kingdom, their social position, their possessions.. The result includes a detailed history of their founders Zähringer Bertold I. by Bertold V. their duties and rights, ministeriales. Many pages are devoted to the genealogical aspects and the question of the position of Rudolf's[...]

History of Burg Stargard and office in Mecklenburg

From the contents: Storm of Pomerania under Bogislav in 1280, Margrave Albrecht married his daughter Beatrix of Henry II. of Mecklenburg, John Werle as a prisoner in the castle, The Pomerania under Duke Wartislaw invade the country Stargader, Death of Duke Ulrich II. and III., Fate of the castle in the 30-year war, the 7-year war, Farmers in the office 1828, Genealogy of the reigning masters of the Old Stargard.