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Genealogies: Genealogies of the principal aristocratic patrician families Lüneburg


In the German imperial cities of the Middle Ages was formed from the 11. Century, a patrician from the former location of the local nobility or ministeriality out. They called themselves "gender".

Family history of Knobelsdorff


The sex of the Knobelsdorff comes from the Margraviate of Meissen and belongs to the nobility. It was divided into several houses, each with different arms. The sex appears first documented in 1203 mit Isenhard de Clowelokesdorf. The line of Knobelsdorff Brenke Hoff goes back to the District Administrator Wilhelm von Knobelsdorff, his wife's maiden name was of Brenke Hoff.

Collection of documents on the history of sex Maltzan


Maltzahn or Maltzan, In the early period Molzahn, is the name of a sex uradeligen from Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania, with the Bernhardus de Mulsan, Episcopal ratzeburgischer feudatories, in 1194 It was first documented and appear with Ludolf Moltzan, Burgmann than in the years to Gadebusch 1256 to 1283 called, the master series begins. The older family members are named as Moltzan. Joachim von Maltzan (1492–1556) changed the name of the tribe Penzlin to Maltzan. The members of the tribe Sarov write against it Maltzahn. (Articles in Wikipedia)

Life story of Baron Otto Theodor von Manteuffel


The origins of the sex of those lost in the mists of Manteuffel. Older genealogists to give, It came from England and make a “Mandevel by Esser” the ancestor. Studies show a correlation with the Herford's dynastic “of Quernheim”. Early Manteuffel were the mighty and the free men in ancient Kaschubenland and nobility of Pomerania. She branched out into the marrow, to Prussia and Saxony, and to Kurland, Estonia and Livonia, where the last name “Hesitations” an den Kämpfen des Schwertritterordens  [...]

Environmental scientists William Liesegang from Ilfeld


William was born the son of Liesegang Liesegang hotel owner Emil (1858-1929) and his wife, Charlotte Pabst from Lipprechterode (1870-1944) His father William Edward (1810-1880) Master tailor in Ilfeld, war der Bruder meines Ur Ur Ur Ur-Großvaters Friedrich August Liesegang, Gardeners in Ileld. William had three other siblings Liesegang, of which Walter (1899-1997) the hotel from the father took. William was married to Ilse Come Ritz (1902-1976) a subsidiary of the bank officials Emil Come Ritz Liebstadt (East Prussia) Elsbeth and Stephani. His son Dietrich (*1930-1989) Dipl war. Ing., Direktor beim  [...]