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Master register and the family history Bonte with its ramifications for 1620

For the family history and the family tree Bonte'schen have included the church books of the German and French Reformed churches went through to Magdeburg and Berlin. The basic root of the First Jean Bonte, divided into two main strains of Jean Bonte Bonte and Jean le jeune the Second. Jean Bonte der I. was around the year 1620 born. He was a carpenter and married to Marguerite de la Croix. She bore him two sons. After the Peace of Westphalia, he left driven by the influence of the reformation of the church of his birth and went[...]

Achelis family in Bremen 1579-1921

Basis of this work is the work of Senator John Achelis, who evaluated in recent years of the last century the church records Bremen, the origin of the family over Bremen addition to Rostock and pursued from the Rostock Bürgerbuch the years 1421 to 1585 was the oldest messages on the Achelis ancestors.

The Dörriens

The family comes from Lower Saxony Dörrien. The name Dorry, or Dörry changes frequently with Dorrien, Dörrien, Dorring, times also Döring and is only since the beginning of the 18. Century when the Danish line as Dorrien, for the other lines still thriving as Dörrien fixed. That one or another form of the name would be more correct, can not say definitely. In the funeral sermons (Fritz Roth) prevails alongside dried rings and Dörrien. It is likely, that the name is due to a shortened name (Example Börries,  [...]

Chilian Stisser privy council and Magdeburgischer Chancellor

Students Ilfeld, reg. 1.5.1582 at the University of Helmstedt as “Quedlinburgiensis”, 14.1.1585 Univ. Wittenberg as “Isslebiensis” Dr. about. utr. 4.10.1591 in Helmstedt, 1594 City Hall to Counsel, Imperial nobility 17.1.1602 by Emperor Rudolf II. to Prague ” for the Council and Vice Chancellor erzstiftischen Magdeburg” at 1610 Fürstl. Magdeburg. Privy Council and Chancellor Hall. He was father of Total 16 Children. The genealogies of the tribe are recorded partly in the database.

The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode)

With Seal-figures in stone pressure from government counsel Heinrich Christian Delius to Wernigerode, published in February 1832 From: of Ledebur's general archive for the History class of the Prussian State, 7. Band. 2. Issue Contents: The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode) the Erbmarschälle the pen Halberstadt. Gender row of the Hartesrode in the county of Wernigerode. (Pedigree and coat of arms)