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Barack Obama has his roots in Switzerland

Hans Gutknecht A, before the 318 Was born in Ried years in Kerzers, is an ancestor of Barack Obama. Now make the farming village of the U.S. president an honorary citizen. The complete article from the 11.7.2010 can be read at © Markus Haefliger Gutknecht's name in the address of the wine merchant, Sparkling wine makers in Germany and Weinkomissionäre, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland, on page 174

The family von Keyserlingk

Keyserlingk Wappen

The Keyserlingk originally from Westphalia. The earliest known record of a knight John of Keselinck is dated from the year 1226, a second from a nobleman Keserlingk the year 1346. A knight Hermann emigrated from Keselingk loud document of the year 1492 to Livonia from, where the sex was home to several centuries. Since the year 1560 they call themselves Baron von Keyserlingk. The spelling of the name has changed over time and at the junction of the sex multiple times (Emperor Ling, Kaiserlingk) up on a family day[...]

News from the family of the Counts of Wartensleben


Messages about the origin of the family (after Spener) especially the relationship with the life of waiting. The author also deals with the Verschwägerungen the plug of stone, hierzug there is an old family tree. Documentary evidence is summarized from the year 1286 to 1499 and we know all about the patents of nobility with counts- and poor earldom…

Family tree of Rothmann


Those: Rothmann, Samuel: Family tree of Rothmann, Berlin: Verlag Louis Lamm 1913 (Download)

Pedigree of the family Feuchtwanger 1786-1910


Felix began as Feuchtwanger this pedigree, there were numerous family members in cities such as Munich, Fuerth, Frankfurt etc. The familial connections of the various branches were documented and recorded for future generations.