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The Council Lübeckische line from its beginnings to the present


The first written records: Elver of Bardewik was during the last years of Danish rule of the most respected senators, Ludolf von Hannover was the owner of a big lot at the corner of Sand and Coal Market Street.

Historical Contributions to the History of Berlin


Historical and diplomatic contributions to the history of the city of Berlin, Band 1 : Berlinisches City Paper Historical and diplomatic contributions to the history of the city of Berlin, Band 2 : Berlinische documents 1261 to 1550

Nürnbergische City- and noble history

Älteste gedruckte Stadtansicht von Nürnberg

A report containing various documents, Genealogies and coats of arms, which the history of the imperial city of Nuremberg and its nobles explained.

The oldest city of Szczecin book 1305-1352


The oldest surviving city of Szczecin book belongs to the third group, The Homeyer 1860 different for the city books, namely, the books in the service of justice, the town books of the Middle Ages, or the city's books in the strict sense (book-guided Protocols on conveyances and orders Rent)

Stolbergische churches- and Urban History


The chronicler, Theologian and writer Johann Arnold time Fuchs was the son of George Arnold on pastors 26. February 1671 Born in Rosperwenda. After attending school in Nordhausen in high school and then in Quedlinburg, He studied theology in Jena. 1707 He was a deacon at St. Stolberg. Martini introduced, it was 1717 the management of the orphanage. 1719 Fox was appointed Konsistorialassessor time and by the Count Christoph Friedrich Justus and Christian for spiritual offices of the inspector and Konsistorialassessor herring and Kelbra. Fuchs was the time[...]