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Certificate Book of the City of Hildesheim 996 to 1597


Content: Of c. 996 to 1346 Second Theitospan>.. Of 1347 to 1400 Third Part. Of 1401 to 1427 The fourth part. Of 1428 to 1450

Historical Documents from the city archives Hildesheim

In addition to the city- and administrative history, there is a list of all the city since Mayor and archivists 1648. These include names like Storre, Mellinger, of Wintheim, Brandis, Behrens, of Harlessem and Dörrien, all of them regain their genealogies in the database. The contributions of the series “Historical Documents from the city archives Hildesheim” are 1997 to 2007 in “From home”, The home side dish Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, published. The City Archives has digitized some of these documents as. The list is long, and a visit to the[...]