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Citizens of the city of St. Bile by the year 1886

The work contains all the citizens with their birth year, the state and professional, and information where and when the families are located in St.. Bile have naturalized. The rank order of families is alphabetical, and the members of each sex are numbered consecutively, auch die Geschwister werden angegeben.Like this:Like Loading…

Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the canton of St Ammann. Gall

Among the highly esteemed politicians and diplomats is one of the St. Galler Baron Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the anno Ammann 1803 incurred Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. The ancestors Mueller-Friedberg's goods by the Reformation, from the canton of Glarus, Zurich moved. As a scion of this race, he was at the Catholic 24. Feburary 1755 born. In der Taufe erhielt […]