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Matriculation of the manors from all circles of the Prussian State


The names of the owners of the individual goods have been received indicating how long the items were owned by the family.

Journal of the resin Association for History and Archaeology

The resin Society for History and Archaeology was 1868 Founded in Wernigerode, among others, Edward Jacobs and George Bode. 1877 took over the Wolfenbüttel library director Otto Heinemann for twenty years presided. A longtime former chairman was Judge Walther Large. Took place after the dissolution of the association after the Second World War in the West Zone which was re-established, while it was in the Soviet zone of occupation, no new. Nach der Wiedervereinigung konnte der bis dahin in Braunschweig ansässige Verein auch wieder in den neuen Bundesländern aktiv werden.  [...]

Matrikelkarten Vorpommern 1692-1698

In diesem Buch zum herunterladen geht es um die sogenannten Schwedischen Matrikelkarten von Vorpommern und umfassen das westliche Pommern, as it had fallen in the Peace of Westphalia, the King of Sweden as a sovereign. Even by the low assignment of the Peace of St. Germain (1679) It was hardly decreased and remained until his 1720. Thus refers to the country from the northern tip of Rügen to the Oder and even a little further. Ursprünglich hatte der König von Schweden im Westfälischen Frieden auch rechs der unteren Oder und Dievenow  [...]