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Message from the House of Frenzel in Upper Lusatia

Starting from the founding father of this family, The Protestant Pastor Michael Frenzel: Frenzel was the son of a village judge in Pietzsch joke on 2. February 1628 to the world. He studied in Leipzig 1649-1651 and was founded in 1651 to the priest appointed by Kosel. Frenzel became famous as the Sorbian and Bible translator. In 1697 Tsar Peter the Great traveled through the Upper Lusatia, On this occasion Frenzel gave him his translation of the Bible and referred in a letter to the Tsar on the relationship of the Sorbs with other Slavic peoples, and in particular[...]

Rambow in Müritz circle

In 999 Rambow is the place established as Holzfällerort, at 1100 subjecting Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony, the Sorbian areas beyond the Elbe. Count Henry dies 1164, But until his death he was Germanized to the west of Mecklenburg Schwerin Sun, that the area “as a German colony” looked. From 1180 Christianization of the Slavs is a targeted area. Numerous individual graves and grave fields, in particular between “Desolate church” Schliesee and have stone,- and Bronze Age cultures through. At the 7. June 1271 Rambow is the first time[...]

Slavic period and Wendisch Rambow

In the early medieval migrations left the Germanic tribes and the settlement area between Lower Elbe, Saale and Oder largely. Invaded by these 600 Slavs from the territory east of the Oder one. The West Slavs (“Turn”) were in the West Mecklenburg Obotrites (or Abotriten) and east of Mecklenburg and Pomerania in the Wilzen or Liutizi. Characteristic of the Slav settlements were castles seats as rulers and political centers. Originally they were built on hilltops, created later with ramparts in areas with poor access to lakes and rivers. The seat[...]