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List of citizens of the city of Zurich for the period 1819 to 1892

Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1819 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1821 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1827 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1830 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1832 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1834 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1845 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1851 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1858 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1861 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1864 […]


The stock register of the families of the civil town of Zofingen

From the ancient towers of the city were or are still Dam, the, the powder tower and torture tower, The expanded and provided with proper windows, now comfortable and friendly residents a view of the Wigger, Jura and Alps granted. Since the 40's have been cleaned up dramatically in Zofingen, Been all gendering (Doors and curtain walls) are […]


Citizens of the city of St. Bile by the year 1886

The work contains all the citizens with their birth year, the state and professional, and information where and when the families are located in St.. Bile have naturalized. The rank order of families is alphabetical, and the members of each sex are numbered consecutively, auch die Geschwister werden angegeben.Like this:Like Loading…


Citizens of the city of Mulhouse until 1798

Muehlhausen is one of the oldest cities and was equipped as those with extensive regalia and freedoms. Under Frederick Barbarossa Mulhouse was a free imperial city in 1163. This emperor was also the founder and benefactor of St. Stephen Church. In this work the author of the citizens of the city leads to their offices and honors to, nennt das […]


Citizens and book chronicles the city of Murten

With a list of national rulers chronoligischen, the mayor, Mayors and ministers since the Reformation. A list of extinct middle generations and the families of the city still thriving. The crest figures are as often, dem Scanvorgang zum Opfer gefallen.Like this:Like Loading…


Archivum Heraldicum – Swiss Archives of Heraldry

Year 1897 With the nobility of the lynx born in Escher- 1900 With the pedigrees berühYearweizer II, Coat of arms and seal of the barons of Green Mountain, Year 1901 About the Thurgau occurring in the two sexes born Gaisberg 1903 Among other things, with the pedigrees of famous Swiss, Coat of arms of Abbot Ulrich VIII. Year 1906 Three pedigrees of the family of Erbach, Coat of arms […]


Basel Bürgerbuch

Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Ebenfalls enthalten sind die bis zum […]

The Valais district administrator or stag since the year 1500

The major contracts, the 1569 bei der Rückgabe der beiden Landvogteien Evian und Hochtal zwischen dem Wallis und dem Herzog von Savoyen geschlossen wurden und ein Teil der vorgängigen Verhandlungsberichte sind sowohl in deutsch als auch in französisch und lateinisch abgefasst worden.Like this:Like Loading…


Armorial Valaisan: Welsh armorial

Of course, the family coat of arms are the arms of the great feudal families, the oldest. At its peak here is the house of Savoy, had several hundred years, extensive possessions in Rottental. A seal of the Year 1143 Archives of the Abbey of St. Maurice is also the oldest known seal of this Dynastenfamilie and indeed one of the first crest documents. The […]

Swiss place names

A historical-etymological attempt… Those: Julius Studer, Zurich: Publisher Friedrich Schulthess 1896 (Download)Like this:Like Loading…

Liechtenstein Urkundenbuch

The first part of the Liechtenstein deed book (I LUB) contains the sources for the history of Liechtenstein to the year 1416 (Extinction of the Counts of Vaduz line of mountain-Sargans). Edited, the sources in the archives in Liechtenstein, of Switzerland (particularly St. Gallen and Graubünden), Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and South Germany. The second part of the LUB has been 1997 in […]

Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich

Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 4 (1401-1415) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 5 (1416-1430) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 6 (1431-1445) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 7 (1446-1460) Like this:Like Loading…

Heraldic History of Art in Switzerland

The author of the book "The History of Heraldic Art in Switzerland in the XII. and XIII. Century, "the territory of Switzerland to the study selected in this book, weil sich hier die Entwicklung der Heraldik unter dem Einfluss französischer und italienischer Kulturströmungen frühzeitig und rasch vollzogen hat und weil das Land reich an […]

Hotel Sauvage and Eugene Liesegang

Born 9. August 1875 in Dusseldorf, where his parents owned a world-famous factory for optical apparatus, The boy and his siblings grew up in a happy youth. His great-grandfather was Johann Christian Andreas Liesegang from Berlin, see whose craft letter. One of his brothers was the famous scientist Raphael Liesegang. The school outgrew, he left the family home for further training, initially in Bonn, between himself sojourning in England. In 1896 the deceased came to Bern, obzuliegen one year studies. There closed friendships lasted a lifetime. A sign of rare loyalty and devotion. Hiking through the Swiss country led him 1897 Also in the Oberhasli, The exceptionally well-liked him and then the decision matured, here to take permanent residence. In the same year, as a 22-year-old young man Initiatives, was to the young Walter Günther by brothers Boss in Grindelwald Fri. 475000.- The hotel was purchased Sauvagebesitzung.