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Archivum Heraldicum – Swiss Archives of Heraldry


Year 1897 With the nobility of the lynx born in Escher- 1900 With the pedigrees berühYearweizer II, Coat of arms and seal of the barons of Green Mountain, Year 1901 About the Thurgau occurring in the two sexes born Gaisberg 1903 Among other things, with the pedigrees of famous Swiss, Coat of arms of Abbot Ulrich VIII. Year 1906 Three pedigrees of the family of Erbach, Coat of arms of the Bernese family contactor, Awarding of the title and arms of the Counts of Thierstein to the Bishop of Basel Year 1907 The period of the Zurich Junker Bodmer of Baden (Landschreiber Dynasty) Those:  [...]

Basel Bürgerbuch


Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Also included are up to the year 1836 extinct citizens sexes in Basel. Swell: Lutz, Markus: Baslerisches Bürgerbuch, containing all currently naturalized in the city of Basel gender, together with the display of their origin, Civil rights record and its first settlers,  [...]

The Valais district administrator or stag since the year 1500

The major contracts, the 1569 closed with the return of the two bailiwicks Evian and Valley between the Valais and the Duke of Savoy were and some of the prior trial reports have been written both in German and in French and Latin.

Armorial Valaisan: Welsh armorial


Of course, the family coat of arms are the arms of the great feudal families, the oldest. At its peak here is the house of Savoy, had several hundred years, extensive possessions in Rottental. A seal of the Year 1143 Archives of the Abbey of St. Maurice is also the oldest known seal of this Dynastenfamilie and indeed one of the first crest documents. The civic coat of arms before 1600 in the Upper Valais, mix of house signs, Family marks her, were performed gradually drawing. Craft and residence gave rise to another crest. In the 17. Century was to[...]

Swiss place names

A historical-etymological attempt… Those: Julius Studer, Zurich: Publisher Friedrich Schulthess 1896 (Download)