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Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar


Founded and first published in 1854 Gabriel Anrep for the members of the Swedish nobility. To “Riddarhusgenealogen” include among others, Count Adam Lewenhaupt, Gustav Magnus Elgenstierna, Folke Wernstedt, Pontus Möller, or Lars Wikstrom.

Notes and news to family history of the counts and princes since Lieven 1269


The scene of this family plays in the area of ​​the Baltic Sea and includes the Russian Baltic provinces of Livonia, Estonia and Courland with adjacent areas of Lithuania. The family story begins on the banks of the Daugava.

The rule Hardenberg under their old dynasts


The first rule of sex Hard mountains were the brothers and Herimann Nevelung, the emperor as witnesses in matters Conrad III. occurred. They led the earldom. Hermann was pin Vogt Kaiserswerth and Deputy Rhenish Palatinate Count Hermann of Staleck with the main course to Kreuzberg before Kaiserswerth.

The nobility of Sweden and Finland

This paper provides a summary of the Swedish-language work published in two parts the author “Sveriges Adel I.. (1898) and II. (1902) The work tables are nominal over all living and extinct noble families in Sweden received, with number in the House of Nobility, the year of the survey, of lapse, nationality and profession of ancestor included. Also compare this product with the title: Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar