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The Imperial Count Colonna-rock on the big-Strehlitz, Tost, Tworog

Very close to Bolzano is the vicarage Vols. Already 888 King Arnulf gave the reward to the possessions in Engilger “Fellis between Montana Alpesque Italiae”. Engilger was a faithful servant of Jezo. Located on the mountain, the tower stood on the castle decorated for centuries “Noble of Vols” (the ancestors of the Upper Silesian Colonna) saßen.Like […]


Nicholas Henel of Henn field Silesiographia – Breslo-Graphia Frankfurt am Main 1613

Over the life of Nicholas Henel (Henn later field) enough is known, that creates a vivid picture of his personality. Like this:Like Loading


Silesian castles Bd. 1-3

The author describes the situation, Größe und Umgebung der Schlösser und Rittergüter und führt uns durch die Geschichte der alten und ehrwürdigen Gemäuer mit all seinen Besitzern.Like this:Like Loading


Silesian life images of the 17. to 19. Century

Synopsis Bd. 1: Karl Gottlieb Anton, Friedrich Bernhardi, Emil Bohn, Otto Cimbal, Ludwig Gottlob Demiani, Carl Flemming, Rudolph Friedenthal, Friedrich Wilhelm reason, Carl Eduard Haupt, Prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck, Like this:Like Loading

ink and feather pen

Presbyterologie of Protestant Silesia

Churches- preacher and history of cities and principalities Brieg, Breslau, Groß Glogau und die Fürstentümer Crossen und Carolat-Beuthen umfassend.Like this:Like Loading


History and genealogy of the family of Haugwitz

The sex and name are as old as the concept “Adel” in Germany. Already Sinapius, Peccenstein, Paprocius Knothe and claimed with certainty, that the family of Haugwitz in the days of the Saxon kings in particular, Franken was. Since the Middle Ages were the lords of Haugwitz in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, der Grafschaft Glatz sowie in […]


Silesian estates Address Book

List of all manors and separate estate- and forestry areas, and more goods, within the community association with a net gain of about 1500 Mark and were more inclined to the property tax, with a detailed list of persons. Silesian estates Address Book : 5. Output, 1894 : List of all manors and independent Gutsbezirke, and the larger estates of the province of Silesia, Silesian estates Address Book : […]


Seal of medieval Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia

A contribution to the promotion of diplomatic, genealogical, numismatic and art-historical studies of Slavic originally part of the Prussian monarchy, with historical notes and a detailed description of each seal. The work begins with the seal of Duke Leszek the Wise, which 1194 upon the death of his father, Kazimierz the righteous even in childhood was. In diesem Buch finden wir […]

Silesian country people

An excellent book of remembrance, Silesian-born men and women from the time of 1180 bis in die Gegewart mit einem kurzen Abriss der Geschichte Schlesiens.Like this:Like Loading

Biography of the knight Hans von Schweinichen

Hans von Schweinichen was anno 1552 Born at Castle Grodziec and he comes from a branch of the Silesian knightly Schweinitz. He began his career as a private tutor and at Marshal Friedrich IV. and at Duke Joachim Friedrich von Brieg. At the age he separated from Good Mertschiitz, ließ sich in Liegnitz nieder und kaufte sich dort ein […]

History and Description of the former castle fortresses and castles knight of the Prussian monarchy

From this multi-volume work is now the 1. Band forms, provided by the Saxon State Library in Dresden. The old castle strongholds in the provinces of the Kingdom Preusse, especially in Silesia, Thuringia, the Duchy of Saxony and Westphalia, etc. all have the same fate, they lie in ruins. War, Fire or newer owners, welche die Gemäuer wieder verließen und […]

The arms and seal of the city, Prussian provinces, towns and villages

The first volume, of the city seal and coat of arms of Prussia, West Prussia and Brandenburg treated, appeared in 1894. This second part is due to Siegel described the many submitters from cities, Archives and registries, The local label came from the royal Privy State Archives in Berlin, the farm- und Staatsarchiv in Wien dem böhmischen Landesarchiv und dem Archiv […]

Chronicle of the Seidel family

The name of Seidel is a typical Silesian and can be found at the upper or. He was beyond doubt after the Germanic settlement of the land to 1250. Once you explain him away from the property, namely "sedelen, sideln "the central German word for" sit down ". The Sedelhof was a noble, German seat in the surrounding Slavic country. Ein Sedelmann […]

History of the baronial family von Eichendorff

One of the oldest families in all of Germany, include Baron von Eichendorff. Luster and glory bestowed a member of this family, in which the German people the most talented poet of the Romantic school, the church one of its most loyal sons, State officials celebrated a deserved. Die Wiege der oberschlesischen Eichendorff wurde das an der Straße zwischen Troppau […]