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History and genealogy of the family of Haugwitz


The sex and name are as old as the concept “Adel” in Germany. Already Sinapius, Peccenstein, Paprocius Knothe and claimed with certainty, that the family of Haugwitz in the days of the Saxon kings in particular, Franken was. Since the Middle Ages were the lords of Haugwitz in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, the county of Glatz, as well as in the Lausitz, and later located in East Prussia. They are tribal- and related to the crest of Rechenberg. The first known document of the name is dated to the year 1225. You[...]

Silesian estates Address Book


List of all manors and separate estate- and forestry areas, and more goods, within the community association with a net gain of about 1500 Mark and were more inclined to the property tax, with a detailed list of persons. Silesian estates Address Book : 5. Output, 1894 : List of all manors and independent Gutsbezirke, and the larger estates of the province of Silesia, Silesian estates Address Book : 8. Output, 1905 : List of all manors and independent Gutsbezirke, and the larger estates of the provinces of Silesia, Silesian estates Address Book : 10. Output, 1912 : List of all manors and independent Gutsbezirke,  [...]

Seal of medieval Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia


A contribution to the promotion of diplomatic, genealogical, numismatic and art-historical studies of Slavic originally part of the Prussian monarchy, with historical notes and a detailed description of each seal. The work begins with the seal of Duke Leszek the Wise, which 1194 upon the death of his father, Kazimierz the righteous even in childhood was. In this book we find the descriptions and seal of Duke Conrad of Mazovia, König Przemyslaw II., the Queen of Poland Richeza. She was the daughter of Count Palatine of the Rhine's Ezo (+ 1035) and Mechthild[...]

Silesian country people

An excellent book of remembrance, Silesian-born men and women from the time of 1180 to the the Present with a brief outline of the history of Silesia.

Biography of the knight Hans von Schweinichen

Hans von Schweinichen was anno 1552 Born at Castle Grodziec and he comes from a branch of the Silesian knightly Schweinitz. He began his career as a private tutor and at Marshal Friedrich IV. and at Duke Joachim Friedrich von Brieg. At the age he separated from Good Mertschiitz, settled in Legnica and bought a house there.