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Genealogia or master register of sex Saltzwedelischen

Or Genealogia stem register Saltzwedelischen sex Zusampt those closest Ag- and cognate.. First, by Christopher Boldemann collected and described.. Nachmahls by Mr Johann Saltzwedeln sel. bit to Osterburg … 1641 continuirt und … By Mr Johann Saltzwedeln … for erstenmahl in print but now promoted … edited by Letzbemeldtens son Nicolaum Saltzwedel… What about beyfügen Diss still leave the hierbey that are available and engraved in Kupffer root tree … Beginning at Heine Saltzwedel, Mayor of Osterburg, Following his son John who was also mayor in Osterburg[...]

Reformation History

Urkundenbuch Reformation history of the Duchy of Prussia, Band 1-3