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History of the Lake Parish (Oberlausitz) Burgers vector in the Roth


The history of the parish lake forms the content of this publication. Were based on the oldest church book, it comprises the time of 1640 to 1745 with a total 493 Pages, the 2. Church of the book with the annual 1755 begins and 1799 concludes, the third of which is the time 1800 to 1839 and a fourth is starting 1840. For these and many religious messages and Schoepp Lehnbriefen books was the work.

History and genealogy of the family of Haugwitz


The sex and name are as old as the concept “Adel” in Germany. Already Sinapius, Peccenstein, Paprocius Knothe and claimed with certainty, that the family of Haugwitz in the days of the Saxon kings in particular, Franken was. Since the Middle Ages were the lords of Haugwitz in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, the county of Glatz, as well as in the Lausitz, and later located in East Prussia. They are tribal- and related to the crest of Rechenberg. The first known document of the name is dated to the year 1225. You[...]

History of the Knightly Order of St John in the Mark, Saxony, Pomerania and Wendland

Subtitle: Wherein the at VII. April dieses Jahrs gehaltenen Ritter-Schlags Solennitäten Verzeichnis der investirten Ritter und derselben Stamm-Wappen wie auch Ursprung des Ritterschlagens und Ritterlichen Orden Anmerkungen von Ordens-Kreutz Herrn Abt de Vertot ins Deutsche übersetzte. Dissertation vom alten und neuen Gouvernement des Johanniter-Ordens.

Memory of the Battle of Leipzig by 16. to 19. October 1813

Jubilee calendar to commemorate the Battle of Leipzig by 16. – 19. October A. D. 1813 mit zahlreichen Illustrationen nach Originalzeichnungen von Aug. Beck, It. Kirchhoff and C.. Scheuren and a map of the environs of Leipzig. Published in Leipzig : Weber, 1863 Content: Regent of the Year plaque 1813 Imperial French Reichsmarschälle 1813 Months Chronicle 1813 with the war news of the Saxon population in cities 1813

General Johann Adolph Freiherr von Thielmann

The name Thielmann or Thielemann is often found in Saxony. For the first time he appears there in 1285, where in a document a canon Thilmann of Torgau, Named dean of Bautzen. Is little known about the family. She comes from an old farming community. The tenants of the Office for Zabeltitz Großenhain, Johann Gabriel Thielmann (*1682) was 1720 Dresden captain and as such 1740 called. A son by him named Johann Friedrich (*31.5.1705) pursued a career as an official and was Oberrechnungsrat. Was with him[...]