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The documents and calendar entries from Silesia von Meck family in Livonia


The present study was the suggestion of and on behalf of the Alexander von Meck (+1911) started. The foundation was formed in the Gutsbrieflade Sunzel, the ancient seat of the family von Meck. The more important documents have been reproduced in full and verbatim.

Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend


She was a scandal in her lifetime and was a legend, that they hardly spouse found their last resting place in the village cemetery of Angelmodde – the beautiful Princess Amalie von Gallitzin, Born Countess Schmettau from Berlin. During her lifetime she was on everyone's lips – if all those with thin top layer of Birth- and nobility of mind in the small states of Germany- 18. Century, says. Was a scandalous aristocrat, their children's self-educated son and daughter, and even in the same subjects taught, with their sport[...]

History of the Russian nobility

With the new year 1015 the real story begins Russian nobility; the Grand Duke Vladimir, who was revered as a saint by all, divided his kingdom among 11 Sons and a nephew. This caused constant disagreements and wars. For orientation, the author divides this work and describes in detail the gender, whose origin goes back to Rurik, This is followed by the boyar families, The Prince, Earls and barons of whom many were not of Russian descent….