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The Book of the Dead of the Premonstratensian monastery near Gdansk Zuckau


The manuscript in which the Book of the Dead is printed here will, dates from the end of the 16. and early 17. Century and has been kept in the parsonage of Zuckau. It contains 197 Sheets and the paper points to the empty pages as a watermark, the Danzig coat of arms.

Polish Heraldry (Polish Coat of Arms)


The Polish nobility, there are many notable differences. The most striking feature of the system is, that a coat of arms does not belong to one family, but a number of unrelated families (sometimes hundreds of them ) Coat also called cooperative. A name does not automatically equal arms equality. Originally the Polish nobility and created a pure warrior class in the struggle with the royal power something unique in Europe – an aristocratic republic with an elected king at the top (an elected president for life)

The noble Drigalski

The Drigalskis are an extremely exemplary family. They have their traditions. After that they come from the old country or the Jadzwinger Jatwäger, aus Podlachien, a strain, the well-Lithuanian nationality was, partially to 1435 State of the Order, then belonged to Lithuania and only 1569 was combined with the crown of Poland. The family is descended from the Prince de Corvino Gutowski in Russia. The last beaten by the Swedes, then buried alive and is hiding in Poland with his wife in the Krakow Province. His two sons[...]

Jan Rembowski in der Gruppe von Grundbesitzern in Galizien

Ein toller Zufallsfund ist dieses Foto für mich! Fotografiert wurde es um 1865 von Walery Rzewuski (1837-1888) und stellt eineSechser Gruppe von Grundbesitzern in Galizien” give. Das Besondere dabei: auf diesem Foto ist Jan Rembowski (1821-1889) zu sehen. Siehe Genealogien in der Datenbank. Source: CBN Polona, Nationalbibliothek F.15090

By Michael Rembow – Ritter Ordens of merit for

Born Michael of Rembow-Sabinski 1740, Mr. Kirschnehnen on the circle Fischhausen, was on 3.3.1754 in the garrison Regiment von Manteuffel No.. 11 occurred. He was of 1756-1762 during the campaign and the siege of Schweidnitz, the campaign in Pomerania, Battles at wholesale Jägerndorf here. After capture, he came 1763 back to the regiment.