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History of Burg Stargard and office in Mecklenburg

From the contents: Storm of Pomerania under Bogislav in 1280, Margrave Albrecht married his daughter Beatrix of Henry II. of Mecklenburg, John Werle as a prisoner in the castle, The Pomerania under Duke Wartislaw invade the country Stargader, Death of Duke Ulrich II. and III., Fate of the castle in the 30-year war, the 7-year war, Farmers in the office 1828, Genealogy of the reigning masters of the Old Stargard.

Liechtenstein Urkundenbuch

The first part of the Liechtenstein deed book (I LUB) contains the sources for the history of Liechtenstein to the year 1416 (Extinction of the Counts of Vaduz line of mountain-Sargans). Edited, the sources in the archives in Liechtenstein, of Switzerland (particularly St. Gallen and Graubünden), Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and South Germany. The second part of the LUB has been 1997 in progress. It contains the sources of the reign of the Barons of Brandis (1417 to 1510).

Historical sources on the history of Livand, Estonia and Courland

In the high Middle Ages began the subjugation of the Baltic country by the Knights since the beginning of the 13. First century of Riga (Livonian Order) from 1226 Also of Kulm in today's Poland and the Baltic penetrated up to 1300 large areas were brought under their rule. As a "German-Baltic", the former German-speaking elite in the provinces of Livonia, Courland and Estonia called. Below I have listed books, dealing exclusively with the historical course of this Baltic countries.

Landgrafen-Regesten online

Dieses Projekt der Universität Marburg präsentiert das gesamte Material zur Geschichte der Landgrafen von Hessen bis 1509. Dabei handelt es sich nach vorsichtigen Schätzungen um etwa 15000-20000 Stücke aus der Zeit von 1247 to 1509