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The Council Lübeckische line from its beginnings to the present


The first written records: Elver of Bardewik was during the last years of Danish rule of the most respected senators, Ludolf von Hannover was the owner of a big lot at the corner of Sand and Coal Market Street.

The advice line of the city of Wismar

The annual occupation of the council chair of the year 1344 to 1510. We know what went off councilors, which remained and which were re-elected. The material comes from the ranks of the urban witnesses certificates, the low- and uptown books, the privileges book, Combing the registers etc. Anyone who has been elected to the Council, time of his life was considered as a council man, even if he was not elected to participate in the shops again. In 1538 consisted of the Council Chair 21 People, 1629 There were 18 People, 1742 war er  [...]

The list of the Zurich city councilors and guild master of 1225 to 1798

In the course of research on the history of “Zürcher Constaffel” were published by Werner Schnyder Zurich Council lists used extensively and it was decided, the register of all councils are listed in alphabetical order, to digitize.