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Images of life and death of the old citizens Ilfelder

It would be interesting for researchers to pursue, which have funerals in the church and the convent of the spots Ilfelds place. Gives little information on this, it is the oldest church book and I would like to remind Ilfelds and simultaneously hold with little snapshots that will connect us forever Ilfeld – es sind die Lieben […]

The pastors in the family Rambow

John of Rambow was to 1320 Waren (Müritz circle) born. Johann was dortiger pastor. After the original among the documents in the archive: the right half of a small round seal, which, although indistinctly, with the under 22.8.1363 an 4. Point described (which in the stationary blades of a 3 Stars accompanying broken rafters shows) identisch zu sein […]

Deed books and Universitätsmatrikel source for research

As a charter book is known in history, a printed collection of medieval and early modern documents from a content, geographical or factual connection. In previous publications and on the German-speaking countries is not common Diplomatarium, otherwise similar conceptions in the language. Codex is also common in older editions diplomaticus. Weitere Urkundenbücher und Matrikel findet ihr hier:Like […]

Live images of our theologians

The Protestant clergy of Pomerania from the Reformation to the Present. T. 1 Hans Moderow, 1903 – Regierungsbezirk Stettin The Protestant clergy of Pomerania from the Reformation to the Present. T. 2 Ernst Müller, 1912 – The county Koszalin, the Reformed congregations Pomerania Bd Scholars theologians in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 1: 1831: A – […]

The German Order

The first Grand Master was Henry Walpot of Bassenheim (1198-1200) Otto followed him from Kerpen (1200-1208) Henry of Tunna (1208-1209). The term of office of Grand Master Hermann von Salza (1209-1239) is the founding period of the Teutonic Knights finished. The territorial division of the Order is as follows: Upcoming (House) Bailiwick (Province) Country and total orders; The staffing structure: Commander, Landkomtur, Country Champion and Grand Master. And here also the name of Rambow comes into play, Dietrich was because of Rambow 1342-1345 Commander of the Order in Riga. His brother? Henry was of Rambow 1372 Knight of the Order of the Livonian branch and was wounded in a skirmish at the Aa St.

That comes after this place specifically designated in the family 13. Century in the wake of the Bishop of Schwerin and Prince Henry II. front of Mecklenburg. In a document dated 7.10. 1325 Henry II granted Prince. his consent, that sold by Herman Rambow Rambow one hide to Wismar on the Holy Spirit House. Before 1337 seems to be the property of the family in Rambow and Stieten to reach the city of Wismar be. 1348 Hermann is also called the Prince of Rambow as fidelis Albrecht of Mecklenburg.

As the owner of Rambow Salveymühle

Of 1591 to 1613 Mr. Mill on this is Parmann. The mill must have suffered during the Thirty Years War very, because the purchase price was only 25 Speeches. At 1675 marching through the Brandenburg here, they steal the whole of the iron mill. 1685 accuses the captain of Eickstedt against its neighbors, the miller, because of the accumulation of water spoil his fields. In 1691 leaves of Eickstedt of his men to dig trenches, the water from the mill pond derived. The millers of all four mills arm themselves and march against Eickstedt and throw back to the trenches.

Witch trials in Mecklenburg

The following, were derived from Rambow persons accused of witchcraft: 1621 Elizabeth treeshakers died by burning at the stake 1697 Trine Molten (died during the procedure by Folterei) 1697 Christian Korff and Anngret Moltken (Whereabouts unknown) Those: State Archives in Schwerin, The acts, constitutions and edicts; Criminal records and offices of the cities of Rostock city archives, Schwerin, Güstrow, Wismar, Parchim und Sternberg […]