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Rambow in the community Plattenburg

The story says that Rambow at an age of about 650 Years can look back. The typical residential Wendish cities- arrangements could prove it here. Rambow is named for the first time in 1415 In a letter. It is described on the following facts: “The advice to Perleberg assumes the obligation for the church to Wilsnack (a former place of pilgrimage today, a spa town), to obtain a stable burning lamp. The wood for light was from a citizen, to Rambow bought for 100 Lubeck Penning”

Rambow at the lake near Lenzen

Though founded in the year of Rambow is 1356 called. 1984 was the 625. Village anniversary celebration. The site is located in the beautiful countryside Rambow Prignitz with its beautiful churches and monasteries in the north-west of Brandenburg. Surrounded by forests and meadows of the sea and the Rambower Rambower moor belonging to the protected area of ​​the Elbe Valley. Rare species of plants and animals you meet while hiking around the lake, of itself may not be managed.