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Personal writings and sermons of the dead Duke of Pomerania and their families from the years 1560 to 1663


The Reformation was the numerous foundations received, secularized the monasteries and “Requiems” were not read more. Instead we see the “Lutheran funeral sermon”.

Genealogical research into the history of the Pomeranian Dukes

When the extinction of the Griffin house 1937 to 300. Times anniversary, was the occasion for this book. Scientific genealogies were since 1871, or. 1876 written by Cohn and Klempin ago, but no longer corresponded to the state of research. And so the book begins with the early days of the Pomeranian Princes before Watislaw and Ratibor I. A chapter is devoted to the Swantiboriden, the next the Earl of Güstrow, Duke Barnim I. and his family. (The descent of the North German princely houses to 1300 of the Guelph[...]