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Update: Church book copies from Pomerania FamilySearch


FamilySearch provides for some time or the Evangelical Church of Pomerania books from the following parishes. circles available online . Office or District : Anklam – Krien , Wegezin , St. Nikolai , St. Mary Arnswalde – Schlagenthin : Reichenbach Bublitz - Bublitz and Porst Cammin - Kunow, United Weckow, Zebbin, Martenthin St., < – Bublitz und Porst Cammin – Kunow, Groß Weckow, Zebbin , Martenthin, St. Nikolai Demmin – Demmin, Alt Plestlin , Sophienhof Dramburg – Kallies Greifenberg – Batzwitz , Behlkow, Hoff, Radduhn , Görke, Gützlaffshagen , Karnitz , Langenhagen , Rensekow, Ribbekardt usw. Greifenhagen – Schwochow Greifswald – Wusterhausen, Kröslin, Lassan , Hohendorf , Zarnekow, Boltenhagen , Katzow, Pinnow, Ziethen etc. . Grimmen[...]

Digital church records duplicates from the circles Regenwalde, Schlochau, Labes and German crown


Subsequent church books are digitized Schlochau from the district and county in the former rain forest Pomerania, and in the group German crown in the county Marienwerder.

Micraelius: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland


This is good news! Finally, as a digitized: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland, 1639 to 1640 Content: 1. Book: First book of the Old State Pommer 2. Book: On the other book of the Old State Wendish Pomerania 3. Book: Third book of the Old Saxon country Pommer 4. Book: The first part of last year Pomeranian stories … and thus the Fourth Book of the Pomeranian country 5. Book: Book of the Year Fünfftes Pomeranian stories 6. Book: Sixth and last book,Pommer of the country's population of source and opportunity: Micraelius, John (1597-1658) : Antiquities Pomerania[...]

Church records from the church records of the district in Pomerania Cammin

old book2

The above publication was issued by the State Minister Ernst Matthias von Köller (1841-1928) It also comes from the “Certificate Book of the Pomeranian sex von Köller 1280-1900 and the genealogy of the family of Hindenburg”. Who can provide further information on the following excerpt from Church: Daniel von Hoff called Rambow? Those: Köller, Ernst Matthias von: Church records from the parish registers of the circle Cammin in Pomerania and some neighboring parishes until 1888 The Pomeranian church records online! The LDS church has on its website the online at the National Archives microfilm Greifswald Pomeranian church records[...]

Niekammer: Pomeranian estates Address Book


List of all products with details of the estate property, with information about the owners, Tenant and manager, and an alphabetical location- and individuals and a manual register of the Royal authorities of the province!