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News of the noble family von Schlieffen


Among the noble families, have spread widely in Germany, members of the family or Schlieffen Schlieben, formerly Sliwin. The first track is included in a securitization in the middle of the Pomeranian 12. Century. The family, whose branches are in part still, was originally a town of Kolberg sex. The family was divided into two branches early. The founders were John and Nicolas, Sons of the elder Hans Schleve. Hans the Younger was the progenitor of the older, also dresowischen branch, dresowischen and secondary branches and[...]

Family history of von Dewitz


The gender of the von Dewitz is a very old sex, it has already been documented in the middle of 13. Century have appeared specifically in the area of ​​the Margrave of Brandenburg. Was left out of this as the land of Mecklenburg Stargard, they were immediately among the most respected families in Mecklenburg. Since 1319 did they just in Pomerania, 1338 they seem to be in the country Daber been ansessig. No doubt they are of German origin, and its name has most likely the village in Dewitz[...]

History of the Knightly Order of St John in the Mark, Saxony, Pomerania and Wendland

Subtitle: Wherein the at VII. April dieses Jahrs gehaltenen Ritter-Schlags Solennitäten Verzeichnis der investirten Ritter und derselben Stamm-Wappen wie auch Ursprung des Ritterschlagens und Ritterlichen Orden Anmerkungen von Ordens-Kreutz Herrn Abt de Vertot ins Deutsche übersetzte. Dissertation vom alten und neuen Gouvernement des Johanniter-Ordens.

The history of the Kashubian

Kashubians are a Slavic tribe. They form the poles together the branch of Western Slavs, to the former nor the now extinct Slavic tribes in Pomerania, Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Holstein and Hanover were. More West Slavic tribes are the Lusatian Serbs and the Czechs and Slovaks. The Language of the Kashubian region comprises the districts of Puck, Neustadt, Karthaus, the Kreis Konitz, Buetow and some border villages of the districts Stolp and Lauenburg. The meaning of the name was not found Kashubians the date of this publication; die schon alte aus dem  [...]

CV of Field Marshal Dubislav Gneomar of Natzmer

Natzmer (1654-1739) came from a family of origin Kashubian Pomeranian Uradels, First mentioned by 1202 . He was the son of the Governor in Schlawe, Joachim Heinrich of Natzmer (+1670) and his wife Barbara née von Weyer. Dubislav joined as a young boy in Dutch and only 1677 services as a lieutenant in kurbrandenburgische. And he took part in the siege of Stettin, and in battles against Sweden, temporarily as Adjutant George of Derfflingers. 1680 He was staff captain and fought 1686 with distinction against the Turks.[...]