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Graf Athanasius Raczynski: Historical research on the Polish noble families


Raczyński is the name of a major Polish nobility sex. The family coat of arms belonged to the community at Raczyński Nałęcz. They were a Polish Uradelsfamilie with the Mitau of nobility of the registered, and a branch in western Poland Greater Poland.

Theodor Zychlinski: Golden Book of the Polish nobility


Theodore Zychlinski (1836-1909) Editor of “Diary of Posen” In the years 1864-1870 and “Kurier Poznanski” In the years 1872-1876 . He was involved in many of the works on heraldry and genealogy.

The noble Drigalski

The Drigalskis are an extremely exemplary family. They have their traditions. After that they come from the old country or the Jadzwinger Jatwäger, aus Podlachien, a strain, the well-Lithuanian nationality was, partially to 1435 State of the Order, then belonged to Lithuania and only 1569 was combined with the crown of Poland. The family is descended from the Prince de Corvino Gutowski in Russia. The last beaten by the Swedes, then buried alive and is hiding in Poland with his wife in the Krakow Province. His two sons[...]