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Nuremberg armorial: Collection of coats of arms of Civil stalls from Nuremberg and elsewhere


In addition to the nobility developed in 18. Century bourgeoisie, that his position solely to their own performance within the company founded. This new layer of society, economy, Art or science class differences by trying to run a coat of arms blur. Of course there was also for the ulterior motives of a later Nobilierung. Tyroff for the occasion was enough, 1783 this work with civic coat of arms (Civil-stands) issue. Those: Tyroff, Martin: Collection of coats of arms of civil stalls from Nuremberg and elsewhere, Nürnberg Anno 1783

Chronicle of the events of the year 1940


In dem Digitalisat können die Ereignisse des Jahres 1940 be read together as a calendar, especially to the military events, foreign policy events, all about party and state..

Democracy and freedom


Aktuell passend zur allgemeinen politischen und wirtschaftlichen Unzufriedenheit in Deutschland, ja ganz Europa finde ich heute zufällig dieses Buch als digitale Ausgabe aus dem Jahre 1918, in dem sich der Autor Houston Stewart Chamberlain grundsätzlich mit der Frage was ist Demokratie und Freiheit beschäftigtDer Ausdruckpolitische Freiheitgibt leicht zu Missverständnissen Anlass; denn das Wesen des Staates besteht in der Beschränkung der Willkür des Einzelnen. Insofern widersprechen sich die zwei Wörterpolitisch” and “Freiheit”. Reine Freiheit liegt ausserhalb des Gebietes der Politik und bildet in einem gewissen Sinne  [...]

The history of the nobility as a cemetery

In every great historical movement, the nobility played an important role; In general, it was that of a stubborn and doomed opponent of all progressive forces, have directed their attention to the historian – an opponent of the monarchy and its management arrangements, of trade- and economic thinking, of the rising middle class pictures, whose values ​​are set by the emergence of a modern and historical research made possible only. Hereditary elites, one might term the “Adel” define, have always been involved, the European past to make. The fate of various[...]

First Mayor of Hamburg 1507-2008

Published by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Senate Offices 2009 (available as full text)