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Genealogy answer questions until the year 1707


Content: The Christian emperors and kings, the Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, the bishops, Abbots and abbesses, the secular princes, Palatine, Dukes and earls source: Family Tree : The student youth to facilitate, compiled into Kurtze, and up to the year 1707 forth out, Zerbst and Berlin: 1707

The Wittelsbach

Graf Otto V. was of Wittelsbach of Emperor Henry V. as its “Faithful and relative” for his service on the Rome trip invested with many imperial estates and entrusted with the dignity of Count Palatine – just the Reich Office – the once been owned by the family was. This was the first pledge for the regaining of the old power. The eponymous son of Count Palatine Otto was the childhood friend of Duke Frederick of Swabia, the 1152 The prince raised to the German throne. Now when these as his[...]