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The Bibliotheca Windhagiana : Digitized Books from the coat of arms 16. Century


At the 5. January 1651 Joachim Enzmilner of Emperor Ferdinand was due to its “ sonderbar , famous, guten Qualitäten , aristocratic manners and virtues , Vernunft , admirable skill and sophistication , also because of the emperor by 15 years faithfully in the Lower Austrian government provided services ” in the peerage was added and was allowed to omitting his surname Enzmilner now Wohlgeborner Baron Windhag, Pragtal and call on Mr. Saxeneck.

Contributions to the history of the family of Loebell


After Zedlitz the family from Alsace and Austria came to Swabia. Georg von Loebell, Orders to Captain Wartenburg was in 1454 The Duke of Sagan Rudolph the Teutonic Order sent to help.

Vienna address books 1859 to 1942


The community has its own library of Vienna asked the address books of Vienna free online, This is a great thing! The majority of the population of Vienna is now directly searchable, including the information to change careers or move house. Called the head of household, Widows and unmarried women who own homes are called ebenfals.

Styrian armorial 1567


Armorial, in them old spiritual Melaten, Men and Landsleut from the laudable principality Steyer, printed by Zacharias Bartsch, Printmaker, reissued by the Styrian Provincial Archives in 1872 in Graz. (The coat of arms in the digitized images are unfortunately only in black and white)

Historical information about the family of Enckevort


The first of the family of Enckevort, The book was written by a family, was the longtime deputy and landowner Edward of Enckevort (+12.5.1883) In particular, the diaries of our ancestors, he recovered very critical. The little work of Edward was only written for the family and was in the original in the archives to Vogelsang for Ueckermunde. The sex of Enckevort occurs first in the county of Brabant in the Netherlands 13. Century. It spread from the 17. Century in two lines to Austria and the Electorate of Brandenburg, while a third[...]