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Collection: Uplands history leaves 1899 to 1927


Some kilometers from the historical society, published historical journal. In the collections of the Library are the numbers Elbinger 1-14 and 16-20 from the years 1899-1927. The books published in an informal series.

Erich Hedemann jurist and councilor of Christian IV. of Denmark

Erich was Hedemann 1587 Student of law at the University of Wittenberg, But already moved on 7.8.1587 to Heidelberg. 1594 published by him in Basel, a dissertation, or at least a part of it. In any case, it is 1596 in Geneva, as Dr. about. and university teachers mentioned. That same year, he reached into a vocation Celler services, presumably at the behest of his five years at the Celler Hof already hired his brother Otto. At the 18.10. that year he was accepted by Duke George to provide advice and advocate, um  [...]

The family Hattorf, Counts of Lutterberg and Letgäste

In the genealogy of the nobility Handbook Volume V, 1984 we find the following entry: Hattorf Ev., The genealogy begins with Valentine of Hattorf, *1496 died 1575 Mayor of Osterode am Harz and Duderstadt, its connection with the order 1300 occurring Uradelsgeschlecht same can not be proved. It is true, There has been no reliable evidence for this relationship, but the same source, which is mentioned in this manual for the nobility, other place is reproduced exactly the opposite.

Pastors and church history in Osterode am Harz

At the 3.12.1660 Johann died Liesegang, General Superintendent. In Quedlinburg in 1616 born, He attended the University of Helmstedt. He is 1640 named as respondent. At the age of 30 Years after he was in Osterode, rector of the Latin school and already 2 Years he was pastor at St.. Jacobi Castle Church. John Liesegang enjoyed following an observation of Easter, or churches- and school records of the benevolence of the country by Drosten Hodenberg. This benevolence, however, was referring primarily to the mountain and then was transferred to Liesegang and[...]