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Digitized yearbooks of the Brunswick Historical Society from 1902-2004

The Brunswick Historical Society now exists since the year 1901 and has since different , some periodical publications on regional history of the space between resin , Lüneburger Heide und Weser veröffentlicht.Like this:Like Loading…


The Chronicles of cities in Lower Saxony: Brunswick Bd. 1-3

At the instigation and with the support of His Majesty the King of Bavaria MaximilianII. published by the Historical Commission at the Royal Academy of Sciences. With people- und Ortsverzeichnis.Like this:Like Loading…


Dictionary of Lower Saxony, writers from the earliest times to the present

Glossary of well-known writer from Hanover, Brunswick, Oldenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, the Hansa cities Lippe and Waldeck, provided with biographical notes. Those: Eckart, Rudolf: Dictionary of Lower Saxony, writers from the earliest times to the present, Osterwieck, Zickfeldt 1891Like this:Like Loading…

Historical books about the history of Lower Saxony

Under the name “Brunsvigensien Braunschweig University Library” The digital library offers an extensive collection of Braunschweig, of which I have selected the following examples: Certificate Book of the City of Brunswick band 1, on behalf of the municipal authorities ed. by Ludwig Hänselmann. With three panels writing samples and Seal. Festchronik zur Erinnerung an die Tausendjährige Jubelfeier der Stadt Braunschweig von […]

Brunswick personalities

August Heinrich Christian Gelpke, an astronomer at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick. Based on the biography of the high school- and high school teacher, August Heinrich Christian Gelpke (1769-1842) The following aspects are examined: His involvement with the rapid development in science, especially in astronomy, at the turn of 18. to 19. Century. Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1743-1820) Professor am Collegium […]

Journal of the resin Association for History and Archaeology

The resin Society for History and Archaeology was 1868 Founded in Wernigerode, among others, Edward Jacobs and George Bode. 1877 took over the Wolfenbüttel library director Otto Heinemann for twenty years presided. A longtime former chairman was Judge Walther Large. Nach der Auflösung des Vereins nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg erfolgte in den Westzonen dessen […]