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The landlord and peasant rights situation in Brandenburg from 16. to 18. Century

Contents: Basics of landlord-peasant legal relationships by colonization ( The farmer is considered as subject of the knight since 13. Century) Intensification of farming since the subjection 15. Century, with the restriction of the free movement, the servants of rural compulsory service and ownership rights. The position of the former lawyers, the 3 Classes of the rural population: The Lehn- and yeomen, The serfs and common farmers. The farmers in the Neumark, Legungs- Expulsionsrecht and the nobility, development in Swedish Pomerania, the Lassiten.

The church records of the Neumark, circles of Sternberg, Züllichau, Schwiebus, Krusty

Overview of the inventory of church records from the superintendency Arnswalde, Frankfurt on the Oder, Friedeberg, Königsberg, Krusty, Küstrin, Landsberg, Soldin, Sonnenburg, Sternberg, Züllichau and existing files, Books and documents in parish archives.

Yearbook of the Association for the History of Neumark

Of the annual accounts of the Society for the History of Neumark (New episodes of the Scriptures) I ausgewühlt the three subsequent editions. Es sind die Hefte 3 to 5 from the years 1926-1928. They deal with the hooves classifications 1718 and 1719 from the contributions of families- Neumark and economic history of rural communities, published with the support of the Historical Commission. The basis of the personal, official and economic conditions in rural communities was the village of order. She had approval for a province, considered but also specific provisions for individual districts whose characteristics, durch  [...]

CVs of funeral sermons


CVs of funeral sermons give some valuable insight into the former lives of the different classes, especially in cultural terms. For artisans and merchants, they tell us, how and where they obtained their training, began teaching at what age. These CVs are also a clear mirror for the purchase of Wanderlust- and journeymen, and the academic youth. Despite extremely difficult market conditions, they crossed the kingdom, and often the whole of Europe. Some have found far from the family home, a new home. Also on trade relations we get from funeral sermons[...]