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Who is he? Our contemporaries: Containing biographies, Information concerning the origin, Family, Curriculum vitae


Those: Degener, H.A. Ludwig: Who is he? : Our contemporaries : Contemporaries encyclopedia, Containing biographies along with bibliographies. Information concerning the origin, Family, Curriculum vitae, Works,

The death records of Merseyside, Magdeburg and Lüneburg

The Book of the Dead as a memorial to imperial history Zeugnise: Until the founding of the time “Monumental Germaniae Historica” goes back the history of exploration of the so-called Merseburg Book of the Dead. 1821 wrote in the Archives of the Society for Older German History class Ludwig Hesse and the Codex 129 the Merseburg Cathedral Library, preceded in which a calendar with the entries of names of deceased saints and feasts the Sacramentary, that is used by Merseyside Thietmar. 13 Years later he published the death records with identifying remarks and made it a statement, today none of their[...]