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Genealogy: Free Service 1000 Eye!

Help find the name and its variants FAMILIA AUSTRIA offers the service 1000 Eye! The recently published list of names with the search name of 410 Researchers, will continue to be revised at regular intervals. You can find them here on the website of the Familia Austria.

Family tree search using the TNG Gendex Network and FamilyTreeSeeker

Meanwhile, there are many one million, which the genealogy hobby, Genealogy, Have prescribed Genealogy. And just as many websites to buzz around the Internet. The search for name occurrences, Family genealogies, Pedigrees, designed, therefore, usually very tedious and time consuming – a search service must be found.. Often used to scroll for hours from website to website but can not find the right one. In addition to the major online platforms including,,,, FamilySearch, Genwiki, regional clubs and associations, etc.. there is little genealogical tracing services for large data sets. Therefore[...]