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Spa guests in 19. Century in wellness and gambling in Bad Ems


Ems has been known about since the Reformation with its springs and spas. However, probably the Romans, you know, the great lover of warm baths were, Emser spas have known and used as the first. The oldest finds are attributed Germanic origin of the prehistoric time. At that time lived in the area between the Rhine, Main and Lahn the people of Ubii, with the Caesar maintained a friendly relationship. Ems were in itself 2 Castles, deren Entstehung wahrscheinlich dem Ende des ersten Jahrhunderts zuzuschreiben ist.  [...]

Roster of the Protestant community Dusseldorf


It lacked an alphabetical directory of the Protestant community in Dusseldorf and its voting members. In 1836, as the new church order was launched, there were no such. This list was 1838 made and the church masters for inspection.

Chronological list of pupils of the teacher's seminar on Wolfenbüttel since the founding 1753

This list is quite meaningful for family researchers, but it includes detailed information such as date and place of all pupils, as well as communications about the career. It was given as a Festschrift in order, the occasion of the inauguration of the new seminary building at 9. October 1879, provided with additions to 1903. Author: Carl Julius Stausebach, continued by H. Karsten U. H. Breuer, Publisher Zwisler in Wolfenbüttel 1903 Those: New language: