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The history of the city of Strasbourg

The book tells the story of the city since the Roman and Germanic period to the year 1000. in several chapters of the course of history as an episcopal city, in combat as a free imperial city, traced as French free city as the capital of the Empire State and Alsace-Lorraine. In 1308 An armed uprising was brutally suppressed. But it was formed out of an opposition within the governing, as the next generation of powerful domestic anger that derives from the family of Ortenau Müllheim, to the 1260 had appeared in Strasbourg, lifted by[...]

The noble-Kunheim Kuenheim

Sex is mentioned in documents in 1263 first time with the Knights of Kunz Kuenheim. He was already the name of the headquarters of the family, Kienheim, a village near Strasbourg. The family was descended related to the already 1120 ritterbürtig appearing gender of Berstett. Both came from the same area and also conducted the same coat of arms. The main line of Kuenheim went out as early as in Alsace 1500. A since 15. Century in Prussia-based line could be continued with a road up to the present. He was originally[...]