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Mscr.Dresd.J.1: Collection of portraits of the dukes of Saxony and Margrave of Meissen

Handwriting, appeared in 17. Century, digitalisiert von der SLUB DresdenLike this:Like Loading


The castles and mountain castles in Germany

Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6 Band 7 Band 8   Quellen: Gottschalck, Kaspar Friedrich: Die Ritterburgen und Bergschlösser Deutschlands, Band 1-7, Hall: Hemmerde & Schwetschke, 1815-1831Like this:Like Loading


History and monuments of the city of Tallinn to Sweden at the beginning of the reign

The history of Reval under the Swedish and Russian rule beginning of the Danish government (1219-1227) The interregnum of the Sword and the Order establishing the City (1227-1238) The other rule of the Danes to the beginning of the Order of Time (1238-1346) Trade relations Reval's time to Danes The internal state of the city of Reval Reval during the rule of the Order (1346-1561) The time to Plettenberg (1346-1494) The […]


Scripture Atlas: a collection of the most important writing- and documents from ancient and modern

The font – the mediator of thought and word – is also the most important carrier of culture and science. It is the spiritual bond, which brought in the most ancient times the great minds of their people in relation, bis Johann Gutenberg durch die Erfindung der Druckschrift das geristige Leben des Mittelalters zu ungeahnten […]


Medieval artists and foremen of Lower Saxony and Westphalia

In dem vorliegenden Werk werden die Künstler und Werkmeister aufgeführt, the performance of the architecture, Artistry, Casting art and painting were. The period extends from the IX. Century to the end of the XVI. Jahrhunderts.Like this:Like Loading


The land tax book from Dusseldorf 1632

A few years earlier, the settlements of different religious Gesnossenschaften place; 1628 was the body of 1609 verstorbenen Herzogs Johann Wilhelm mit großem Pomp zur letzten Ruhe gebettet.Like this:Like Loading


The oldest city of Szczecin book 1305-1352

The oldest surviving city of Szczecin book belongs to the third group, The Homeyer 1860 different for the city books, namely, the books in the service of justice, the town books of the Middle Ages, or the city's books in the strict sense (book-guided Protocols on conveyances and orders Rent) Like this:Like Loading


Palatina manuscripts or: Codices Palatini Germanic

The Heidelberg “Bibliotheca Palatina”, one of the most valuable collections of German manuscripts of the medieval and early modern, Since April 2009 fully available online. The collection includes 848 Codes with a total of approximately. 270.000 Pages and about. 7.000 predominantly previously undeveloped Miniatures. Aus dem Projekt der deutschsprachigen Palatina-Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg folgt nun eine Zusammenstellung einiger […]


Fantasy and character art of the Middle Ages

The people's belief in the importance and power of the word alive. It knows what it means, if someone finds the right words. It knows, that the real word can leak into the ear, it casts a spell and to exercise a decisive influence on him can. It knows the other way around, that a human, der das rechte […]


History and genealogy of the family pastor

The time now is again a scanned book, where I have my pleasure. It is completely legible. I must particularly emphasize the work, has made the author made in the compilation, because that's how we imagine a printed family history. This is one a treasure trove for genealogists. Allein der Bilderschmuck in […]


Seal of the Middle Ages from the archives of the city of Lübeck

Issue 1, 1856: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal issue 2, 1857: Mecklenburg towns of medieval seal issue 3, 1859: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal, Seal of noble families booklet 4, 1860: Mecklenburg towns Seal, Seal of noble families booklet 5, 1862: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 6, 1864: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 7.1 1865: […]

Studies for genealogical knowledge in the Middle Ages

Zunächst und vor allem präsentieren Genealogien Antworten auf die Fragen nach der Stellung des einzelnen innerhalb der Gemeinschaft, denn besonders in sogenannten traditionalen Gesellschaften ist die Identität des einzelnen in ganz erheblichem Maße durch sein Wissen um seine Eltern und Vorfahren, durch seine Einbindung in Familie und Verwandtschaft bestimmt: Wie der Name garantiert seine Herkunft […]

Monumenta Wormatiensia: Annals and chronicles

From the contents: Chronik von Worms, Worms from the council's books on the history of the city, Diary of the mayor Reinhart Noltz, Admission of Bishop John of Dalberg of Worms 1483, Dispute with the city of Paffheit 1525, List of documents, Organization of warfare, Illustrationen und Register.Like this:Like Loading

History of the Habsburg dynasty

The European Habsburg dynasty, whose name derives from their ancestral castle of Habsburg in Aargau. Members of the dynasty established the first 1273 and almost continuously from 1438 The German kings and Holy Roman Emperor and ruled from 1282 über die Herzogtümer Österreich und SteiermarkLike this:Like Loading

History of the Dukes of Zähringen

In October 1883 Baden Historical Commission decided to publish a story about the Duke of Zähringen. There was,, that the history of the branch line should be excluded to Teck. Main objective of this work is the origin of the Zähringer and their participation in the affairs of the kingdom, their social position, their possessions.. Das Ergebnis beinhaltet die ausführliche Vorgeschichte […]

Tschudy's Aegidius Swiss armorial gender

With registration of Tschudy's hand; Coat of arms with inscriptions and documentary staff notes from another's hand as Tschudy, But apparently originating from it. About 2500 with the spring gez. and illum. Wappen.Like this:Like Loading