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The arms of the Counts von Bülow


The sex of Biilow is a member of the Mecklenburg nobility and was 1705 the baron 1736 as well as 1814 and 1816 elevated to the rank of count. The family arms of the sex shows in blue fourteen, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 Golden Ball (Balls) Because of the semi-circular shape of the bottom plate, the ball often in a different order: 1, 4, 3, 3 asked. From the two blue helmets grow, outward-looking buffalo horns, covered with golden balls. The helmet covers the outside are blue and gold interior. With the elevation[...]

Documentary history of the family von Pentz


The Prince's Council, and Vogt to Schwerin, Joachim von Pentz has left behind two sons: Ulrich and Helmold. From those derived from the line Scharbow, from this the line Raguth. Initially, Ulrich's descendants were to Raguth, which it has first to 1533 exchanged against Scharbow. Ulrich had this much is known only to a son named Claus. The CV of the younger Claus can be traced fairly accurately. He first appears in 1490 together with his mother, Catherine. His father was no longer alive and he[...]