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The pedigrees of the family Rosenow

The family is of German Rosenow (Lower Saxony) Origin, and took the family name by the time of the founding of the city Sternberg in Mecklenburg (as. 1250) after lying by Sternberg and her obsessive village Rosenow (-Rosenau) an. The first of the family is on 25. January 1306 Burchardus de Rosenow as Senator Sternberg called. Ihm folgt […]


Family history of von Dewitz

The gender of the von Dewitz is a very old sex, it has already been documented in the middle of 13. Century have appeared specifically in the area of ​​the Margrave of Brandenburg. Was left out of this as the land of Mecklenburg Stargard, they were immediately among the most respected families in Mecklenburg. Since 1319 traten sie in […]

The advice line of the city of Wismar

The annual occupation of the council chair of the year 1344 to 1510. We know what went off councilors, which remained and which were re-elected. The material comes from the ranks of the urban witnesses certificates, the low- and uptown books, the privileges book, Combing the registers etc. Anyone who has been elected to the Council, wurde Zeit Zeit seines Lebens als Ratsmann […]

Messages about sex from Raven

The sex is a chronicle of Raven says, from the Leutitiern in Western Pomerania. The family messages were originally niedergelgt in the archives of Brandenburg and Friedland's, but were lost during the 30-year war. It seems, as if the Ravensche sex was among the colonists, Turning again to the Prince Pribislaw used around the year 1169 to […]

Documented history of sex in Oertzen

The sex of the one of the most famous Oertzen old aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and is still thriving indigenous families from all of the oldest old Obotritenlandes, insofar as its documented history reaches back the furthest and is lost in the times of Wendish rule. Distinguished by an honorable character, an ancient possession of goods, and often seemingly unusual abilities, hat […]

History and records of sex tap

The name is both noble cock, and in middle-class families very common. The following documentary history of the cock between sex does not cover all occurring in the different provinces, different sexes name Hahn, even in modern times, ennobled families of the same name: it includes only the old Mecklenburg family, which in 1469 with […]

History of sex in Altrock

The very old sex by Altrock were in Mecklenburg resident freeholders. As such, they also referred to by Lehsten in his book on the Mecklenburg nobility. Probably the spelling of the family name changed over time. Found in documents is only the spelling “Oltrock” in the appointment of the Duke Adolph Frederick III, of […]

Family History Research in the Church of Mecklenburg or Ancestry Searches the web

Das Kirchenbuchamt beim Landeskirchlichen Archivs Schwerin verwahrt die Kirchenbücher sowie älteren Kirchenbuch-zweitschriften aller Kirchgemeinden der Ev.-Luth. Landeskirche Mecklenburgs (as. 390 Hauptgemeinden) sowie Militärkirchenbücher der Garnison Neustrelitz (1841-1874) und der Wehrmachtsgemeinden Hagenow, Neustadt-Glewe, Schwerin und Wustrow/Rerik (1935-1945)Like this:Like Loading…

Rambow in Müritz circle

In 999 Rambow is the place established as Holzfällerort, at 1100 subjecting Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony, the Sorbian areas beyond the Elbe. Count Henry dies 1164, But until his death he was Germanized to the west of Mecklenburg Schwerin Sun, that the area “as a German colony” looked. From 1180 erfolgt eine […]

Wendisch Rambow Rambow and in Mecklenburg-bath small village office

In a document dated 7.10.1325 Henry II granted Prince. his consent, that sold by Herman Rambow Rambow one hide to Wismar on the Holy Spirit House. A legally binding copy of it from the year 1350 is present in the book privileges. The wording of the document is also published in the Mecklenburg deed book (MUB) VII, No.. 4656. Before 1357 scheint der Besitz […]

Willi Behrens from Techentin

My grandfather Willi Behrens * 20.8.1905, I have a large, very strong and (to my mind) incredibly charismatic man in memory. He was diligent undisputed, wise, courageous and strictly.

From 27.12.1939 put him Otto Wenzel, Holder of a timber business in Halle and specializes in railroad-sleepers as administrator on his estate Berkau a. (The complete accounting of all receipts and letters from this period has been preserved)

His wife Ursula, was the godmother of the youngest daughter Gerda. Otto Wenzel sent him on 20.2.1941 Loccum not (Circle Nienburg) and there execute a larger order. It was about the work-up of pine Langholz.

Witch trials in Mecklenburg

The following, were derived from Rambow persons accused of witchcraft: 1621 Elizabeth treeshakers died by burning at the stake 1697 Trine Molten (died during the procedure by Folterei) 1697 Christian Korff and Anngret Moltken (Whereabouts unknown) Those: State Archives in Schwerin, The acts, constitutions and edicts; Criminal records and offices of the cities of Rostock city archives, Schwerin, Güstrow, Wismar, Parchim und Sternberg […]