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The pedigrees of the family Rosenow


The family is of German Rosenow (Lower Saxony) Origin, and took the family name by the time of the founding of the city Sternberg in Mecklenburg (as. 1250) after lying by Sternberg and her obsessive village Rosenow (-Rosenau) an. The first of the family is on 25. January 1306 Burchardus de Rosenow as Senator Sternberg called. It is followed by the 16. More 1354 Hermann Rosenow, Citizens to Sternberg. The coat of arms, the lead all family members listed in the tables were entitled, comes in the first seal impression in the reports of[...]

Art- and historical monuments of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg


Band 1: District court districts of Rostock, Ribnitz, Brawn-Marlow, Ticino, Laage, Gnoien, Dargun, Neukalen band 2: District Court Districts Wismar, Grevesmühlen, Rehna, Gadebusch and Schwerin

Family history of von Dewitz


The gender of the von Dewitz is a very old sex, it has already been documented in the middle of 13. Century have appeared specifically in the area of ​​the Margrave of Brandenburg. Was left out of this as the land of Mecklenburg Stargard, they were immediately among the most respected families in Mecklenburg. Since 1319 did they just in Pomerania, 1338 they seem to be in the country Daber been ansessig. No doubt they are of German origin, and its name has most likely the village in Dewitz[...]

The advice line of the city of Wismar

The annual occupation of the council chair of the year 1344 to 1510. We know what went off councilors, which remained and which were re-elected. The material comes from the ranks of the urban witnesses certificates, the low- and uptown books, the privileges book, Combing the registers etc. Anyone who has been elected to the Council, time of his life was considered as a council man, even if he was not elected to participate in the shops again. In 1538 consisted of the Council Chair 21 People, 1629 There were 18 People, 1742 war er  [...]

Messages about sex from Raven

The sex is a chronicle of Raven says, from the Leutitiern in Western Pomerania. The family messages were originally niedergelgt in the archives of Brandenburg and Friedland's, but were lost during the 30-year war. It seems, as if the Ravensche sex was among the colonists, Turning again to the Prince Pribislaw used around the year 1169 to uplift the country convened to Mecklenburg. A certificate from the monastery of Sonnenkamp 28. June 1240 Raven mentions a friar at the “militibus Christi” Knights of the Sword; a document of the Dukes of[...]