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History and genealogy of the family of Haugwitz


The sex and name are as old as the concept “Adel” in Germany. Already Sinapius, Peccenstein, Paprocius Knothe and claimed with certainty, that the family of Haugwitz in the days of the Saxon kings in particular, Franken was. Since the Middle Ages were the lords of Haugwitz in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, the county of Glatz, as well as in the Lausitz, and later located in East Prussia. They are tribal- and related to the crest of Rechenberg. The first known document of the name is dated to the year 1225. You[...]

The nobility of the Bohemian crown lands


The Kingdom of Bohemia was 6.774.309 Population (Stand 1910) By far the most important of the Habsburg Crown Land State. This summary from the hall books far more than 2ooo crest elevations of rank and letters and credentials have been the year 1530 listed. The hall served as the basis of books about this complex work. The oldest Bohemian noble acts dating from the year 1580, Some information comes from the early Kopialbüchern the governor's office in Prague.

Hayek of the forest sites

The name of Hayek (Hayeck, Heyek, Hejek etc) is common in Moravia and Bohemia. Hayek was born to Thomas 1627 was a son of the prior 1658 deceased citizen Wenzel Hayek. He had been 1683 Council and from man 1692 Judge. At the 26. January, he married Catherine, a daughter of the + Johann Ostrovsky, called Wastolyr. Thomas died on 8. November 1704. His wife followed him on 11. November of that year. A son of this couple named Paul, great merits acquired in his native town, especially[...]