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Livonian- Is- Courland and deed books

Life, Esth and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 1 Band. 1093-1300 / edited by Dr. Friedrich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 2 Band. 1301-1367 / edited by Dr. Frederich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and kurländisches Urkundenbuch. Abt. 2, Bd. 2: 1501-1505 / ed. Leonid Arbuzov / founded by F. G. in. Bunge, continued by order of knights and Baltic cities of Hermann Hildebrand, Philip Schwartz and Leonid Arbuzov Liv-, Est and kurländisches Urkundenbuch : Bd. 3: 1. Addenda to the first two bands.[...]

Family history of the Bercken 15. Century to the Present

The evidence for the origin of the Westphalian family are from Ritter stem Archive in Jelgava. From there they came to Livonia and Courland, probably by a younger member of the family, which is at one of the 13. to 15. Century held crusades contributed to Livonia, where it was located. The family was called in the first generations “of the Bercken” and only Henry of Bercken, Lehnsbrief of its 1533 present, is the same only “of Bercken” called. This led the family name now. A correlation[...]

Livonian freight documents from the years 1207 to 1500

The Tartu University Library offers the above goods certificates to be downloaded. Authors: von Bruiningk, And Hermann Busch, Nicolaus, with 9 Boards. Released 1908 Published by the Commission Jonck & Poliewsky in Riga.

German genealogical tables in list format

The majority of families have moved to an immigration and the other is, we can say the Baltic, ob Livland, Estonia and the Kurlander, form a large family. In the context of individual taxa occur a few people out particularly sharply through her life and work, which is indicated in each case from the files of the archives. Baltic German family trees genders from Erich Seuberlich, Published by the Central Agency for German people- and family history, Leipzig 1924-1931

Materials for materials History of Livonia

The Danish governor of Osel were: Claus von Ungern 1574-1576 Johann Uexküll Menz 1576 Georg Fahrenbach of Nelvi up 1584 Mathias Budde 1584 Johann Swabe up 1593 Claus look up Städt 1610 Frederick Schenk If Nils Kragge up 1613 Jacob Becke 1617 Friedrich Rantzow 1626 Andreas Bille 1639 to 1641 Woldemar Christian, Duke of Holstein 1642